About Us

About Forrio

Sportswear designed for a fitness-focused community lifestyle. 

We are the best in design when it comes to training apparel for maximum cool for a comfort fit.

Our focus is to make products that are comfortable for your active lifestyle, help you build confidence and stand out. Inspiring for moving forward to achieve personal fitness goals.

We are an American based clothing brand that is inspired by a caribbean island, because of the community connection found there.

We are dedicated to promoting a fitness lifestyle with a community connection by encouraging social fitness in communities.

Our vision for Forrio clothing brand is to build connections with communities and reach out to people that are passionate for living an active lifestyle in their community. One of the goals of Forrio is to recycle profits into communities to support and create opportunities for people that are less fortunate. Every athlete started in a community, every workout is done in a community. 

Forrio Clothing is a reminder of community growth, support, achieving success and lifelong goals while promoting true values and inspiring present and future athletes.

Forward Up - with Forrio